hey! i'm


stuff about me

i'm a developer who's worked with the web and various other things for many years now

always happy to learn something new that i can add to my projects and im always eager to talk to people about it !

some stuff i've made

here's a few public projects you can view and mess around with

lounge hub

community site for my minecraft stuff

Discord README Badge

show what you're working on in your github readme

github project tracker

get a quick overview of your team's github project on discord

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view full list of projects

design stuff

i do a bit of design whenever a project needs it

sometimes i do 3D stuff

you can find design stuff i make on twitter and on one of my other projects


doodles and photography


full resolution renders of my design stuff

get in touch

you can reach out on twitter for quick stuff. i also post updates, design stuff, in development stuff, and occasional photography on there if you're interested in keeping up with what i'm doing

alternatively if it's something more formal you can email me at zyplos@duck.com

system status

check here incase something's offline